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Teaching children about medicine - National Science Week

    Content productions/application for personal digital assistants PDAs (2006) (www.jaiser.com)


  • MEDICAL INFORMATICS, Southampton University (2006)


    Establish a workshop for medical students

    To supervise a student for 4th year Mobile IT projects

    Establish Mobile IT and Management workshop


  • IMMUNOLOGY and CANCER GENETICS, University of Cambridge (2002 - 2004)
  • Responsible for 20 undergraduate medical and veterinary students

    Subject areas covered: Innate and Acquired Immunity; Mechanism, Activation and Effector function of Humoural and Cell-Mediated Immune Responses; Antibody Structure and Function; Memory Cells; Hypersensitivity; Cancer Genetics (Cell Cycle Control, Onco-genes, Tumour Suppressor Genes, Apoptosis, Cell Differentiation, Angiogenesis, Immortalisation, Genetic Instability, Metastasis, Stem Cells)

    Academic Duties included: Preparation of supervision content; Setting and marking of essays; Setting and marking end of term tests; Helping students to improve their essay writing and communication skills; Guiding revision for exams; Writing term reports.

    Pastoral care included: General and specific to university life and academic work; advice regarding considerations to take when deciding on third year course options.

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