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    A Handheld Computer System for the Handover of Acute Surgical Admissions (2005/6, Phase I)
    Kings Lynn Hospital, Norfolk - in progress
    I have designed a database system for logging acute surgical admissions.
    Handhelds will also be loaded with reference data content (e.g. local guidelines, pharmacopoeia)

    Palm Nursing Project (2006, Phase II) St. Mary’s Hospital PICU, London - in progress
    Aim: To measure the impact of a bedside PDA system for drug infusion management; effect on drug error rates and user experience.
    Role: Lead Project Advisor on Handheld Computer User Group Committe.
    I provide a supervisory and supportive role for the nurse lead. This includes guidance on project design, information technology training and documentation preparation.

    Palm Nursing Project (2004, Phase I) St. Mary’s Hospital PICU, London - Completed
    A handheld computing system for drug infusion calculations was compared against the standard, a pocket calculator. 25 PICU nurses participated. The project demonstrated that a handheld computer system can significantly improve the accuracy of infusion calculations as well as dramatically decrease the time required to perform them. User satisfaction was high.

    NET TRIAL: “North Brink’s Electron-Booking Trial”, North Brink Practice (2006, Phase II) Completed
    A pilot study is planned to audit patients’ on-line electronic booking experience.

  • The Effect of an Internet Appointments Booking System - Patients and Practice Perspective (2005, Phase I)
    North Brink Practice - Completed
    I investigated patients’ perspective of a potential Internet Appointments Booking System and their experience of the current telephone booking system. Throughout planning, the patient participation group, reception, secretarial, nursing staff and medical staff have been involved.


    Menorrhagia: Are Patients Management Effectively in Primary Care Prior to Referral? (2006)
    Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton

  • Medical Audit on Juvenile Onset Arthritis (JOA) (2002)
    James Paget Hospital, Great Yarmouth


    Immunology Research Project (2002)
    “An investigation into why the C-type lectin like protein, CD94, fails to be expressed on the surface of the NK tumour cell line, YT”

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